fang versus stone. [ open ] 

" No, I’m not here to buy any of your damn herbs. I’m lookin’ for someone! And you better give me an answer I want. “

Arms folded over one another as eyes narrowed towards the stone men that surrounded her. Fang had no idea how she found herself in the swamp known as the Pollux, but it was as good of a guess as any. She was clueless as to where her weapon was as well. Still, she didn’t back down against the hulking figures before her. They spoke in a strange “accent”, so to speak, rocks grinding against each other to make a gruff tone that even made the Pulsian cringe.

For the moment, they were playing nice with her and she would do the same. It was only when she knew they didn’t have what she wanted did she get pissed. Her sandals meshed against the murky dirt, standing her ground while giving a firm look to the one that was seemingly looking down at her.

" I don’t care if ya know where she’s at or not. Ya just better find out for me, or those stones of yours are gonna be polishin’ my lance whenever I find it. “

They didn’t seem to be pleased with that threat. Another series of grinds could be heard as a retort, seemingly calling Fang’s bluff on the matter. Truth be told, it would be rather hard for her to take on a group of them with her bare hands. But she’d try if it meant she’d get what she wanted out of them, or at least a knew polishing stone for whenever she found her weapon.

Either way, a little assistance wouldn’t hurt.

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